Shiloh Harvest ministry & training


We are:

  • a ministry of reconciliation- 2 Corinthians 5:18-19
  • simple, conservative, and Kingdom focused
  • Independent with low overhead, efficient and mobile

  • Able to work with all denominations and groups

  • Chartered ministry with ordination and license

What we do:

  • We share the Good News of Jesus Christ at home and abroad
  • We heal the sick and tell them the Kingdom of God is near Luke 10:9
  • We minister to believers for support, edification and healing
  • We train other believers to share the Gospel and heal the sick
A secret believer in Christ is being ministered to by 2 GPAT trainees.
A secret believer in Christ is being ministered to by 2 GPAT trainees.

Are you interested in making a huge impact for the Great Commission that doesn't stop but grows and multiplies?

In India last November, I saw hundreds to thousands of people saved, healed and delivered. Not only that, but they were also trained to go out and do the same! 

This is a multiplication ministry for the Great Commission. For the past two years, God has sent me to India to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and to train local pastors, leaders and lay people to go out and share the Gospel effectively to the unreached places in India. It is a great mission with lots of fruit and all the glory goes to the LORD!

The meeting/training event is free to all the people who attend. Many come to be trained, others come for healing or deliverance or to find out about Jesus. They receive free meals and snacks there as well.  Please click the link above for more information.