Shiloh Harvest visits France August 14-28 2016


*Some details and names are withheld from this report for privacy and security reasons.


We truly experienced the power of God through the many testimonies as well as day to day experiences. We had a great time with each group. They were very gracious, welcoming and enthusiastic to receive the training. During the training and healing sessions, many were healed from chronic pain conditions, emotional and physical traumas, back and knee problems and more. Many reported feeling a very warm heat sensation flowing through them during ministering and prayer. All together we had three trainings and four healing sessions. We were also able to minister on the streets of Paris.


Here are just a few reports from the 2 week trip:


Healing at the Eiffel Tower


After a healing session, my gracious hosts took me on a night tour to Paris and to the Eiffel Tower. We stopped there and ministered to a young man who had an athletic injury. We ministered to him in English and French and he testified that when he heard the name of Jesus Christ he felt a sensation in his chest of joy and peace. He was healed from the injury and the pain was gone. He also testified that he had prayed that morning not knowing why since he had not prayed in a long time. He said that now he knew why since we were there. We explained to him that the Lord Jesus loved him very much and this was confirmation of that.


Man Healed while Ministering to Another


A nice gentleman who took the training came up to minister to another person during the hands on segment of the training. He had suffered from a knee problem for quite some time. While he was ministering healing to another person he said he felt the healing power come through to him and heal his  knee. He was very excited and told us his testimony afterward. This often happens when believers take the training.


Young Lady Receives Word of Knowledge and Healing


A young lady came up for healing for a skin condition. After ministering to her, it was given by the Lord a word of knowledge concerning the multiple accidents she had. She was surprised at this and confirmed that she had had numerous accidents and was afraid she would suffer severe arthritis throughout her life because of them. She was glad to know the Lord was working on her behalf and ministered to her accordingly.


On the Streets of Paris


During our Paris walkabouts we came across many opportunities to minister to the less fortunate. One was an older homeless man who suffered from severe swelling in his feet and ankles.  Because the police often move the homeless from place to place he had developed a worsened condition and his feet were very sore. Because there was no translator available we communicated by motioning to pray for him. He agreed and we laid hands on his feet and ankles and prayed over them to be healed in Jesus name. He did know the name of Jesus Christ. Afterward, he showed us that he felt something warm inside his chest and he began to cry. We were also able to give him food and drink. We ministered to many along the streets of Paris in both physical and spiritual needs.


Past reports: